What are Steroids?

Anabolic Steroids or more correctly Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS) are derivatives or synthetic forms of the male hormone testosterone. Testosterone has two main effects on the human body; an anabolic, or muscle building effect and an androgenic, or masculinising effect.

Anabolic Steroids cause anabolism via increased protein synthesis within muscle cells, and also have androgenic properties which can bring about masculine characteristics to the user. Testosterone also has the ability to aromatise via interaction with the aromatase enzyme, thus convert to the female hormone, oestrogen. Excessive oestrogen levels can bring about unwanted related side effects such as water retention, increased fat storage, and gynecomastia (man boobs).

Most Anabolic Steroids sold on the grey market now are either made in China or India. Some are good and some use cooking oil as the base oil and are made in a factory with less than idea sanitary conditions. And some are not even the Steroid they claim to be on the label. Supply of counterfeit/fake Anabolic Steroids is big business. If buying Anabolic Steroids, always buy from someone you know and trust and who has used that particular product before.

Anabolic Steroids come in two main forms, oral and injectable.


Oral Steroids are generally harsher on the body than injectables, there are always exceptions to the rule, but generally this is the case.

Injectable Steroids are less stressful on the body, but don't kid yourself by thinking that taking injectable steroids is not going to cause stress on your body, because they will. Injectable steroids should only ever be injected into the muscle and never into a vein.

Where do I inject steroids?

The gluteus maximus, otherwise known as your butt is a common choice for injections as it is a big deep muscle. This is a good choice for a beginner steroid user.

When you inject you want to inject intra-muscularly, i.e. into the muscle. We do not inject into the vain, as this can result in serious implications, even death.

Always clean the injection site with an alcohol swab before injecting and always use a new needle every time. 

All Anabolic Steroids have the potential to cause side effects. It must be remembered that what one person can use safely, may be dangerous to another. As a rule of thumb, the more steroids used the greater the risk of side effects and the more serious they are likely to be. However, there are also instances of people reacting adversely to low doses of steroids.

Anabolic steroids have also been known to have an effect on the immune system and some users have been known to complain of having more colds when using steroids.

Anabolic Steroids and SARMS should ONLY be used by men and women over 21 years old. SARMs are NOT meant for children, teenagers, and pregnant or nursing women.

Anabolic Steroid Stacks and Cycles

These cycles and stacks are an insight into how Anabolic Steroids can be combined and used. There are many, many more combinations and stacking methods available.

Always bear in mind that there is no definitive single system that works for all. What works for me might cause massive side effects and/or provide minimal gains for you, and vise versa.

Define your own goals, start simple, with low dosages and progress slowly. 



The Deca Starter Stack

Week I: 200mg Deca + 15mg Dianabol

Week 2: 200mg Deca + 20mg Dianabol

Week 3: 200mg Deca + 25mg Dianabol

Week 4: 200mg Deca + 30mg Dianabol

Week 5: 200mg Deca + 25mg Dianabol

Week 6: 200mg Deca + 20mg Dianabol

Week 7: 1500IU HCG on Thursday

Deca is injected weekly, Dianabol tablets taken daily.

This is a nice mild, mid term stack. Quite low on side effects but good on gains. A nice starter and intermediate stack for the more cautious user.


The 5 Week Deca/Dianabol Stack

Week 1: 400mg Deca + 50mg Dianabol

Week 2: 400mg Deca + 50mg Dianabol

Week 3: 400mg Deca + 50mg Dianabol

Week 4: 400mg Deca + 50mg Dianabol

Week 5: 200mg Deca + 50mg Dianabol

Week 6: 1500IU HCG on Thursday


Start Dianabol at 50mg on Monday, reducing by 5mg each day until last day of week.


Deca is injected weekly, Dianabol tablets taken daily.

Go straight in at full dosage, and taper off in the last week only. This way, the receptors get the full benefit of the full dosage for the duration of the stack. The receptors will not have shut down completely, and the off period is only 5 weeks. Using this type of system, stacks can be repeated 5-6 times per year.

The 3-week Blitz Stack

An alternative, yet similar theory can be used called the 3-week blitz. This stack uses a single compound at a time, at max dosage, for only 3 weeks, overlapping on the last week. 

Week 1: 400mg Deca

Week 2: 400mg Deca

Week 3: 400mg Deca + 50mg Dianabol

Week 4: 50mg Dianabol

Week 5: 50mg  Dianabol +  500mg   Sustanon

Week 6: 500mg  Sustanon

Week 7: 500mg  Sustanon + 300mg Primobolan

Week 8: 300mg   Primobolan

Week 9: 300mg   Primobolan

The above lists are various ways to cycle the steroids, the other consideration is which items to put together.

For bulking, the use of Anadrol and Testosterone Cypionate would work rapidly. A more cautious approach to the same means would be Dianabol and Sustanon. For slower, but more solid gains with less water, perhaps Primobolan and Parabolan Depot together.


A very safe stack would be Andriol and Anavar, perhaps with a small amount of Primobolan. Again not a rapid mass building stack, but quality gains with very few side effects. Deca comes highly recommended in just about any situation, it stacks well with most items, as does Sustanon and Dianabol.

These 3 items used in the 4-5 week repeat stacks are a very common. The ways in which the steroids can be put together are endless, combining orals, injectables, high Androgen, low androgen, bulkers, cutters etc, to gain the desired results, in the desired way.

The 4-5 week Blitz Bulking/Hardening Stack

A 4-5 week blitz can be combined with a bulking stack and then switched to a cutting/hardening stack. 

Week 01: 400mg Deca + 500mg Sustanon + 50mg Dianabol

Week 02: 400mg Deca + 500mg Sustanon + 50mg Dianabol

Week 03: 400mg Deca + 500mg Sustanon + 50mg Dianabol

Week 04: 400mg Deca + 500mg Sustanon + 50mg Dianabol

Week 05: 2500IU HCG (MON & THUR)

Week 06: 2500IU HCG (MON & THUR)

Week 07: 300mg Primobolan + 228mg Parabolan + 30mg Anavar

Week 08: 300mg Primobolan + 228mg Parabolan + 30mg Anavar

Week 09: 300mg Primobolan + 228mg Parabolan + 30mg Anavar

Week 10: 300mg Primobolan + 228mg Parabolan + 30mg Anavar

Week 11: 2500IU HCG (MON & THUR)
Week 12: 2500IU HCG (MON & THUR)

Again, injectables listed are dosages per week, and orals per day.


In the 4-5 week blitz bulking/hardening stack you get the best of both worlds. A 4-week switch to avoid receptor downgrade, a rapid bulking stack at high dosage influx and then a hardening cycle that still brings good gains and firms up earlier gains. A good piece of kit also is Clenbuterol, to be used during cycles as a cutting agent or between cycles to minimize muscle loss.

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